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Cone Beam Dental CT, OPG

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CONE BEAM COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY  (CBCT)  is  designed specifically for dental and maxillofacial imaging. CBCT gives superior image quality (upto 90µm resolution), is faster and patient friendly. CBCT is a completely open system, providing patient freedom from claustrophobia.

Cone Beam CT uses an amorphous silicon flat panel detector and cone beam technology to get volumetric images with vastly lower radiation dose and higher precision when compared to traditional 16 or 64 slice CT scanners. The scanner rotates 360 degrees around a patient`s head in a matter of seconds with the patient in a comfortable standing/sitting position. The single turn motion image capture used in Cone Beam CT is quicker than conventional spiral motion, and is accomplished at a 75-90% less X-ray exposure. A target for precise area for exposure, makes the patient exposed to significantly less radiation dose (20-100 times)  which makes CBCT  safe without any  concern for radiation side-effects. Cone beam CT provides views that can be presented as 3D volumes or 2D images for diagnosis and advanced planning
 for patients, dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and health care professionals has revolutionised the practice of dental and maxillofacial surgery. This new age device provides a full range of diagnostic views including complete scans of all oral and maxillofacial structures, paranasal sinuses and airways. The dedicated user-friendly software simplifies treatment planning and provides necessary perspective in many cases. True-size, distortion free, high-resolution images are reconstructed rapidly, tailor-made for the needs of dental and maxillofacial professionals. Acquired information gives the treating doctor more thorough structural knowledge which enables highly accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to create  predictable outcomes.

CBCT provides all information in one scan including panoramic and cephalometric images and 3D volumes, virtually eliminating the need for conventional orthodontic X-Rays. Patients can be comforted by the knowledge that the doctor will have all the information needed to evaluate their problem and plan treatment.

Indications  of CBCT

     Dental Imaging

  • Direct Digital OPG
  • Cephalogram
  • CBCT
    • Impaction/ Localization of teeth or Foreign body
    • Oral surgery/Third Molar in nerve canal  relationship
    • Pre-Implant imaging/Placement/Planning
    • Intra-bony pathology
    • Asymmetry studies
    • Orthodontic surgery
    • Cosmetic surgical planning
    • Endodontic canal assessment

Reporting of CBCT
A trained and qualified “Dental Radiologist”  interprets  the scans and provides the report along with the films. Images and data is also provided on a CD for the referring doctor to view the same on his own computer.

Features of CBCT:

3D-Volume Rendering
With volume rendering, clinicians can easily manipulate, enhance, and slice the volume in any orientation or shape for quick and effective diagnosis. Volume rendering is an effective tool for surveying skeletal morphology, dentition, and is a powerful patient demonstration / communication method.

Section View
Clinicians who desire a more in-depth investigation of internal structures can examine slice by slice and sweep through the entire volume using section views. This enables more precise evaluation/measurement of anatomical structures such as assessing the number/shape of root canals, TMJ characteristics, alveolar ridge thickness & anatomy, airway/sinus, bone density/ defects, Hounsfield unit calibration, nerve pathway ID & marking etc.

Panoramic View
Delivers anatomically accurate and precise panoramic images with optimal clarity and detail. Advanced reconstruction of unique anatomic landmarks automatically creates an individualized focal trough specific to each patient. The automatic custom focal arch detection works in conjunction with the patient`s 3-D data to quickly and efficiently extrapolate true and precise panoramic views. There is no image distortion which allows for true measurements.

Super Ceph
This feature gives the ability to easily and quickly construct and view traditional lateral and AP cephalometric radiographs, take measurements, and utilize several image enhancement features which dramatically increase the viewing options allow easier viewing of landmarks.

Implant Planning and Nerve canal detection
Clinicians can perform image based planning for restorative implants or orthodontic miniscrews using the implant planning feature. This feature enables precise implant planning through simultaneous buccal, lingual, vertical, and density visualization. 

Other X Ray Reconstruction
The CBCT Scan generates a limitless number of X rays from one scan. Linear and angular measurements can be made on any of the acquired images. Standard examples are coronal and sagittal TMJ slices, bitewings, PA`s, maxillary occlusal and mandibular occlusal views.

Superimposition Tool
Assessment of  treatment outcomes with the 3D superimposition of CBCT  allows two CBCT scans to be opened at the same time in 3D and to be superimposed based on registering common stable landmarks on each scan.The result is a 3D volume rendering of both scans with different colouring to highlight the difference between the scans.

Other Dental imaging Facilities

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 ENT Imaging


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  • Chronic sinusitis+/polyps
  • Image guided sinus surgery
  • Paediatric sinus evaluation,treatment and follow up

HRCT Temporal Bone

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