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Digital Mammography

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Mammography is a low dose X-Ray of the breast. It is safe and relatively painless.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the Indian urban women. It is well known that breast cancer has a much better survival rate if detected early. The major objective of mammography is early detection of breast cancer. 

Screening Mammography 
It is important to note that a mammography scan should be done even when no lump or mass can be felt in the breast for early detection.  
Before the age 40 in women with high risk of breast cancer (personal / family / genetic history). 
It should be done for every women once they reach 40 yrs of age and repeat at least once every two years, or more frequently if recommended.
Diagnostic Mammography
Done in women with complaints or symptoms pertaining to the breasts such as lump, pain, hardening, nipple discharge, nipple retraction.
Done in women with an abnormal screening mammogram.
Usually a more detailed examination because additional images need to be taken of the areas of concern and an Ultrasound examination / FNAC / biopsy may need to be performed.