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Uroflowmetry tests the amount of voided urine and the speed of urination. It helps to identify the cause of either slow urination or difficulty in urinatiion.

Uroflowmetry is done mainly

  • To study the functioning of urinary tract and sphincter muscles
  • To test for obstructions in the normal flow of urine.
  • It can also help identify other urinary problems, such as a weak bladder or an enlarged prostate.
What does the procedure comprise of?
You will be asked to urinate in a special urinal  connected to a measuring device (electronic uroflowmeter), which records the data of the urine flow.
Preparation  for the test
Your doctor may ask you to temporarily stop taking medications (since it can affect the test results)
You will have to come in for the test with a full bladder and should not have urinated for a couple of hours before the test