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Digital X-Ray (DR and CR System)

3.0T MRI with Multi Transmit Technology 64 Detector Rows CT Scanner Non Invasive CT-Angiography
3D-4D Ultrasound Color Doppler Digital X-Ray DR System
Cone Beam Dental CT, OPG Digital Mammography Bone Densitometry (DEXA)


Digital X-Ray  : Dr Dodas centre  is equiped with a wide range of DR and CR Sytems by AGFA. DR System provides unparalleled image quality and drastically lowers the radiation exposure to the patient. 

Digital images  look sharper and clearer than its analog versions and provide clarity in reporting.

The X-Rays pass through the patients body and the digital camera located on the other side of the patient captures the resulting image. 

All routine plain X-rays and special procedures, including barium studies, intravenous urography, HSG, MCU, etc. are conducted using DR and CR systems from AGFA.

Digital X-Rays
  • Routine X-Ray

Specialised Procedures

  • I.V.U
  • Sinogram / Sialogram / Fistulogram
  • Barium Swallow 
  • Barium meal follow through
  • Barium enema
  • Small bowel enema
  • MCU 
  • RGU
  • HSG 

   Instructions for patients for X Ray Examination

Generally no preparation is required for routine x-ray examinations. But x-ray of abdomen/ KUB/ LS spine will require you to have preparation previous night with charcol/unienzyme and some laxatives. Special x-ray investigations will required additional preparations and these will be given to you at the time of appointment itself.


Pregnant women

Pregnant women are advised not to get an Xray based investigations like X-ray, OPG Scan, CT Scan, Mammography etc. However in some circumstances, if clinician requires the investigation, kindly inform the radiologist at the centre about your status.